1st Annual Internet Charity Party – Aftermath

Last night was the IMNY charity party.  Basically it was a bunch of geeks that donated $40 at the door to get drunk for charity.  We raised over $5000 (exact figure to be coming soon) for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

I personally enjoyed this party the best not because it was the most lavish but because for the first time an Internet party was giving back to the community by helping sick kids.  I think everybody who attended or at least the warm blooded people :) would agree with me that it is nice to do something good.

I was surprised by a few things:

  • 2 people refused to donate and still though they were entitled to the party because they were “press”.
  • Never underestimate the generosity/showmanship of people.  When we started selling $1 raffle tickets several people started buying them in groups of $100 just so they could donate more than the previous person.
  • The SEO wives club is getting really big and the wives are smart & SEO literate.
  • Every lady appreciates being given a rose at the end of the night. (not really a suprise)

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this charity party a success.

9 thoughts on “1st Annual Internet Charity Party – Aftermath

  1. Greg Niland Post author

    thanks and no worries about missing it. we are definitely going to do it again so you can come to the next one

  2. Loretta

    I’m glad the party was a successful event for everyone, and all for a good cause. (and ew at “press” thinking they could just get in, people are dumb!)

  3. Catherine

    I am glad the event was good, but if I may speak to something.

    I am a professional cameraman, photographer, and reporter. My job is “press”. If I am covering an event and I am busting ass then I’m not going to pay a damn dime. You can call me an asshole, but if I am there to work I don’t feel I should have to pay to come to your event, to give your cause attention.

    However, if I am there and either 1. I finish early or quickly, or 2. the host has been extra accomdating in making sure I get what I need, then I am more than happy to make a donation, push up a bar tab, or otherwise buy the raffle tickets. 9 times out of 10 when I have been to any event my ticket is comped to begin with and I will make a donation of my own accord.

    Press is good, you want press at your event, the event that drew 100 epople with a good write up will next draw 500 people. Treat them well. There are a few assholes, but in my experience a comped ticket or a free drink coupon will pay off double the cost, both in added donations from the camera team and in free publicity.

    Just a little something to think about.

    Again, you can call me an asshole, it’s not the first time that has ever happened.

  4. jack

    the people that called themselves “press” were nothing more than party crashers plain and simple. they were not invited and they lied so they could gain access to our party room. they were hilarious when greg went to talk to them. they told greg that they were invited by the event planner. greg just smiled and called them on their lie informing them he was the event planner.

    they worked for a magazine that none of us had heard before and it had nothing to do with internet marketing or new york city. they could not offer any press coverage that would help that event. they also werent interviewing or taking pictures. they showed up ordered drinks and went straight to a corner.

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