I’m Greg Niland and I formally started GoodROI in 2004.  Before then I spent several good years in corporate America. During this time I gained alot of experience on the B2B industry and competitive affiliate areas (insurance, financial, electronics). Eventually my online success (let’s just say its good to be an affiliate) and offline frustrations (lets just say it’s not fun doing SEO for people who don’t know how to open email) led me to make a sad but good business decision to leave the corporate world and start my own company.

I maintain my own network of sites in various competitive online industries (no, I don’t expose my specific money-making keywords). I do provide consulting to companies and have had the honor to provide pro bono work for NYC Dept. of Ed, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other non-profit organizations.

What is GoodROI?
GoodROI is about establishing and growing a positive ROI or return on investment for online marketing projects. Too often hype and buzzwords can cloud business decisions. At GoodROI we don’t worry about being cool or using the latest fad. We focus on profitability. If the latest fad increase the profits, then great! If the latest online fad doesn’t increase profit then its time to refocus on the basics till there is a new online tactic to test.

This focus on profitability is one reason why I have developed a great team of work at home employees across the USA. Why waste time on commuting when my team would rather be productive? Why not recruit the best people regardless of their physical location? It might not be flashy but I love my team and the results they consistently deliver. We hope you will agree that online profits are a good thing.

You can normally find me in New York City unless I am speaking or attending some internet conference like Search Marketing Expo, Publisher Conference, or  Ad-tech.  If you are an internet marketing veteran in the New York area you can join me at the monthly Internet Marketers of New York meeting.

You can hear me speak by listening to GoodKarma, my internet marketing radio show archives, I  interviewed experts on different topics every week. There are close to two years of archived shows that you can listen to for free. I also am a regular speaker at internet conferences. If you are having an event in a really fun place or for a good cause I might be able to speak at it if I have enough notice.